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Ruston's economy getting a boost with developing projects

July 13, 2017

A Sports Complex, a retail space, and an interchange are all getting underway in Ruston, and some say it's expected to boost the city's economy.

Ruston's Board of Aldermen recently hired a consultant to start establishing rules and procedures for the Sports Complex.

Bids are opening for the 25 million dollar project next month, and once a contractor is selected, construction is slated to start before the end of the year.

The complex will be available for all city leagues and for travel tournaments on the weekend. Mayor Ronny Walker says it's going to being in a tremendous amount of revenue to the city.

"If you look at how much money is brought into your community with these tournaments, it's a tremendous amount of money to spend on your hotels and you restaurants and shops, so the travel team business
has become big in the south," says Walker.

Walker says the city is already bidding on a couple of National Tournaments but can't say what they are at this time.

Meanwhile, the complex is expected to be finished in December of 2018.

The Board of Aldermen has also given the mayor permission to start negotiations for a retail space off of Cook Town Rd. and Interstate 20.

Walker says it will include shops of some kind, but can't say what those are exactly.

The city has also entered into a contract with an engineering company in Baton rouge to start planning for an interchange off of Highway 3033 and Rough Edge Road, similar to the one being built on Tarbutton Rd.

Walker says it's not only going to increase traffic flow, but also enhance the city's growth.

"It's great for the landowners who are there, but it also provides us with more area for growth in our city and that's really important as we work to expand our retail and residential areas within our city," says Walker.

Walker says the service road currently being built from Highway 3033 to Rough Edge road is expected to be finished within the next two years.

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