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Ruston mayor unveils 20 year plan to move the city forward

November 24, 2015

From drainage issues to heavily traveled roads, Ruston Mayor Ronny Walker says he wants to move the city forward, but knows aging infrastructure problems have to be fixed first before he can.

"We want to be prepared for companies coming in economic development and a lot of this also involves quality of life for our citizens," says Walker.

He says it's all about bringing Ruston up-to-date as far as water, sewer, streets, and recreational facilities.

"We've got 120 miles of streets in our city that we want to start trying to redo those that was the lowest division when we did our survey from our citizens so we want to start doing 35 miles in the next ten years," says Walker.

The mayor says his 20 year plan also focuses on putting in bike and running trails, along with a new sports complex.

"We are a looking at soccer, football, flag football and tackle, adult softball, girl's softball, pewee ball, buddy ball and Dixie baseball," says Walker.

He says the sports complex area on Ballpark Road is where the new one would go replacing old fields and building newer ones.

"Those fields are 30 40 50 years old so no matter if we have a travel team that comes to Ruston we need to improve our recreational facilities for future generations," says Walker.

The mayor says he is looking at several ways to fund these million dollar projects including federal funds and a 3/4 cent sales tax increase to go before the voters in April.

The city also launched a new website with a detailed PowerPoint on Walker's plan for Ruston's future.

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