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Parks & Recreation

The Ruston Parks and Recreation Department (RPAR) provides you with life-enriching recreational opportunities.  Parks and recreation is more than just fun and games!  It also includes providing you, the citizens of our area, with wholesome recreational and athletic opportunities that foster sportsmanship, teamwork, responsibility, and equality.

RPAR is under the leadership and direction of the Mayor and City Council and is guided by recommendations from a strong citizen Parks and Recreation Advisory Board.  The RPAR staff prides itself on providing you with exceptional customer service.  We continue to develop new partnerships to further enhance recreational opportunities throughout our community.  It is our goal and desire to provide you with the best array of local recreational opportunities possible, delivered in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible. To learn more about RPAR, click here.

For more information about Pavillion and Park Reservations or Registration, Contact RPAR Supervisor, Amanda Lonadier at amandalonadier@rustonla.gov or Marc Newman at marcnewman@rustonla.gov




The cheerleading class will be held every Tuesday from September -May.
Come learn the basics of cheerleading including motions, jumps, cheers, chants, and tumbling!
There will also be chances to perform throughout the year at RPAR, RHS, and Lincoln Prep sporting events.
GRADES: Kindergarten- 8th grade
WHERE: Ruston Sports Complex, Indoor Facility
REGISTRATION: July 31st– September 3rd (online only)
TIMES: 5:00 pm-6:00 pm for K-4th grade
TIME: 6:00 pm-7:00 pm for 5th-8th grade 
COST: $60.00 per month (due the 1st Tuesday of each month)
*For more information, please contact Kaniya Dudley at kdudley@lincolnprep.school



WHERE: Ruston Sports Complex (Indoor Facility)

DATES: July 28th and August 5th

TIME: 7:30 pm



 Dixie Dancers of Ruston encourage you to tap your way to stronger bones. We all know that bones get less dense and weaken over time. However, tap dancing provided an easy and enjoyable way to keep your bones strong and dense. If you can tap your toe, you can tap with the Dixie Dancers. Just show up each Friday at 10:00 a.m. at the Ruston Sports Complex. The cost is only $10.00 per month. You are not expected to perform with the group. For more information, Contact Mrs. Patsy Hinton at 318-245-1254. 


Buster Cotten’s Karate offers classes teaching the style of Jordan Korean Karate / Tae Kwan Do. This style of martial arts has been taught in the Ruston community for nearly 40 years and is a year-round program that teaches students of all ages the merits of loyalty, ability, and integrity through a curriculum teaching fundamental arm and leg techniques for practical self-defense. Buster Cotten’s Karate also provides opportunities for its students to participate in local, state, and national-level competitive events. Three separate classes are offered on Mondays and Wednesdays between 5:30 and 8:30 pm for youth and adults. For more information, please contact Buster Cotten at (318) 259-5000 or email him at bacotten@hotmail.com




It doesn’t matter where you start, it matters where you finish!
AGES: 5 to 10 years of age (as of September 1, 2023)
WHERE: Ruston Sports Complex, (outdoor facility)
REGISTRATION: July 31st -September 3rd (online only)
DATES: September 26th- October 24th, 2023
COST: $65.00 for Ruston residents, $75.00 for non-Ruston residents.
*Fee will include a T-shirt.

Co-Ed Adult Softball

Don’t practice until you get it right, Practice until you can’t get it wrong!
AGES: 18 and up
WHERE: Ruston Sports Complex, Outdoor Facility
REGISTRATION: July 31st – September 3rd
PLAY: Tuesday and Thursday evenings, beginning September 19th
COST: $ 300 per team
*All teams must provide their own team jersey with numbers on the back.
You can’t score a goal if you don’t take a shot!
AGES: 4 to 16 years of age (as of September 1, 2023)
WHERE: Ruston Sports Complex (outdoor Facility)
REGISTRATION: July 31st-September 3rd (online only)
DATES: September 30th– October 28th
COST: $65.00 for Ruston residents, $75.00 for non-Ruston residents.
*Fee will include a T-shirt.
Indoor Winter Soccer
There’s no such thing as bad weather. Sometimes you just have to create your own sunshine.
AGES: 5 to 10 years old
WHERE: Ruston Sports Complex (Indoor Facility)
REGISTRATION: November 6th- December 17th
DATES: January 8th
COST: $85
*Fee will include a T-shirt.

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